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What is the Blouin Art Sales Index (BASI)?

The Blouin Art Sales Index is an art price database with millions of auction records dating back to 1922 from over 1400 auction houses.

Does BASI include lots from upcoming auctions?

The Blouin Art Sales Index does include upcoming auctions. Search results by default display the most recent auction lots first, including from upcoming auctions. The Price Sold will be updated for upcoming auctions after the sale date has passed and results are known.

Do I need a subscription to use BASI?

Yes. For full access to all search results and lot details a subscription must be purchased. You can access BASI and conduct searches with limited results without a subscription.

What are the different Subscription levels offered for BASI?

We offer BASI Premium and BASI Basics subscription packages and an Institutional or multi-user subscription as well.

What does BASI Basics® offer?

BASI Basics® package offers access to our market-leading art price database and is available in day pass, monthly and yearly subscriptions.

BASI Basics - Day Pass

Subscribe for a single day and get 24-hour unlimited access to our price database. Day Pass subscriptions provide 10 searches and up to 1,000 results.

BASI Basics - Monthly

Subscribe for one month and get 24-hour unlimited access to our price database. Monthly subscriptions provide 20 searches and up to 2,000 results. Monthly plans are set to automatically renew every month but can be cancelled anytime on your "My Subscriptions" page. Monthly plans will allow unused searches and results to be rolled-over to the next subscription period.

BASI Basics - Annual

Subscribe for one year and get 24-hour unlimited access to our price database. Yearly subscriptions provide 200 searches and up to 30,000 results. Yearly plans are set to automatically renew every year but can be cancelled anytime on your "My Subscriptions" page. Yearly plans will allow unused searches and results to be rolled-over to the next subscription period.

Institutional or Multi-User

Institutional subscriptions are annual plans that allow concurrent multiple-user access to the BASI database. The cost is variable depending on the number of users.

What does BASI Premium® offer?

BASI Premium® package offers BASI Basics® plus the new Interactive Market Insights Tool®. The price search database that comes with BASI Basics® is included in the premium package.

What are the features of the Interactive Market Insight Tool®?

The objective of BASI's new Market Insights Tool® is to monitor, quantify and glean insights on the value of art by focusing on key data elements. This proprietary analytics-based tool is built on BASI's large auction market database that covers over 3,500 auction houses, 9.7 million lots, and over 350,000 artists dating back to 1922. This benchmark tool helps subscribers track the art market, get an overall understanding of the market movement and make data-driven decisions on buying and selling of artworks. To learn more about the features of the tool click here.

What are the subscription types available in BASI Premium®?

BASI Premium® is available in monthly and yearly subscriptions. There is no day pass available in BASI Premium®.

BASI Premium - Monthly

A monthly subscription is valid for 30 days and offers BASI Basics® Monthly plus Interactive Market Insights Tool® (Top 100 artists). The interactive tool will offer insights on top 100 artists.

BASI Premium - Yearly

Yearly subscription is valid for year and offers BASI Basics® Yearly plus Interactive Market Insights Tool® (Top 500 artists). The interactive tool will offer insights on top 500 artists.

How to upgrade from BASI Basics® to BASI Premium®?

Existing subscribers of BASI Basics® can subscribe to Premium® by clicking on the upgrade button in the page here.

I am an existing subscriber with access to unlimited searches. Am I a Basics® subscriber?

No. The BASI Basics® package which launched in May 2018 includes the art price database with limited searches and results. Some of our existing subscribers have been given the advantage of remaining with unlimited searches and results so long as they continue to subscribe without a break. All existing Basics® subscribers can upgrade to Premium®. For subscribers with unlimited searches, an upgrade to Premium® will result in limited searches and results on the art price database and access to our new Interactive Market Insights Tool®. You can upgrade to Premium by following the instructions on this page.

When is a Search and a Result considered to be consumed?

A search in BASI Basics is when you enter all your search criteria and click "View First 100 Results." On clicking "View First 100 Results", you would have consumed one search and 100 results, and any time you click the "Next" link, you would have consumed another 100 results for the same search criteria. Your consumption count now stands at 1 search and 200 results. When you go back and enter all your search criteria again and click "View 100 Results", it is considered another search with 100 results consumed.

When is a user considered capable of making searches?

A user within the validity period of his/her subscription is capable of making searches if s/he has both searches and results left in their quota. Just having searches and no results or vice-versa makes the user incapable of making any search.

What does "rollover" in the Monthly and Yearly subscription plans mean?

Rollover means rolling over a combination of leftover searches + results to the renewed subscription period. If the user is not able to exhaust the available quota of searches and results within his/her subscription period, we allow rollovers to the next subscription period. If all the searches + results have been consumed in a subscription period, there will be nothing to rollover to the next. Also, if a user intends to upgrade his/her plan in the middle of an active subscription, the leftover searches + results will be rolled over to the new plan.

What are the permissible plan upgrades?

Subscribers can upgrade from a BASI Basics plan to a BASI Premium plan. Only plan upgrades are permissible, not downgrades. For example, a Day Pass can be upgraded to a Monthly or Yearly plan and a Monthly Plan can be upgraded to a Yearly plan. A Yearly plan cannot be downgraded to a Monthly plan and Yearly and Monthly plans cannot be downgraded to a Day Pass plan. Subscribers can upgrade their subscription plans at any time.

What about existing monthly and annual subscribers who have purchased subscriptions before April 9, 2018?

Because we strongly value your association with us, we are giving you an opportunity to continue using your BASI subscription with unlimited searches and results so long as you keep your subscription active. If you wish to take a break from your subscription renewal, and come back to us after the break, we will welcome you back with our new BASI Basics or BASI Premium subscription plans with limited searches and results.

How do I do an Advanced Search?

You can do an advanced search by clicking to the Advanced Search page. Here you can search the database by Artist, Artwork Information and Sale Information. First, find an artist by their first and/or last name. You can then narrow your search by selecting various criteria available on the Advanced Search page. Next, check the number of results by clicking the "Click to See Number of Results" button (required). If the results exceed 100, you may wish to further refine your search. Finally, sort your results and then click the "View First 100 Results" button.

Can I save my Search Results?

You can save individual lots to your account collections. Click 'Save Lot' from the lot list page, below the image of the artwork in the lot page below the Sale Information. You can manage the lots you've saved in the 'My Collections' option at the top right of the page.

How do I set up Artist Alerts?

You can set up email Artist Alerts by following an artist. This will send you an email notification for upcoming lots at auction for your followed artist(s). To follow an artist and set up alerts, you must first do a search for that artist. On the search results page, next to the artist name, click the blue "+ Follow" button and agree to receive email alerts in the pop-up (or close to cancel). To manage your followed artists and alerts, click on the "My Alerts" option at the top right of the page.

What are the different terms for "Price Sold" details?

For sold lots the sold price will be displayed and accompanied with either "Premium", if the value includes the auction house's buyer's premium, or "Hammer" if the value is the hammer price and does not include a buyer's premium. If the lot did not sell "Bought In" will be displayed for "Price Sold" and if the lot was withdrawn from the auction 'Withdrawn' will display. For upcoming lots at auction, the "Price Sold" details will be blank until the sale has happened and results are recorded.