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Composition No. II by 
																	Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian

( Dutch, 1872 - 1944 )

Composition No. II




oil on canvas in artist's frame

Size Notes:

20 x 20




signed with the initialsP Mand dated30(lower left); signedP Mondrian titledComposition en rouge bleu et jauneand inscribedHautandII(on the stretcher)


Paris, Galerie 23,Cercle et Carr, 1930, no. 70 (titledComposition noplastique)Stockholm, Stockholmsutstllningen Parkrestauranten,Art Concret: Internationell Utstllning, 1930, no. 59, p. 27, illustrated (titledComposition I)Basel, Kunsthalle,Konstruktivisten, 1937, no. 59 (titledComposition)Copenhagen, Den frie Udstillings Bygning,Liniens Sammenslutning. Efter-Expressionisme Abstrakt Kunst Neoplasticisme Surrealisme, 1937, no. 65, p. 31, illustrated (titledComposition en rouge, bleu et jaune)New York, Rose Fried Gallery,Some Areas of Search from 1913 to 1951, 1951New York, Sidney Janis Gallery,50 Years of Mondrian, 1953, no. 30 (titledComposition in Red, Blue and Yellow)New York, The Museum of Modern Art at the Guest House of Mrs. John D. Rockefeller,Young Collectors, 1954, no. 29 (titledComposition in Red, Blue and Yellow)Zurich, Kunsthaus,Piet Mondrian, 1955, no. 101, p. 55, illustrated (titledkomposition mit rot, blau und gelb)New York, World House Galleries,The Struggle for New Form, 1957, no. 57 (titledComposition in Red, Blue and Yellow)New York, Sidney Janis Gallery,An Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Watercolors by Piet Mondrian, 1963, no. 24, illustrated in the catalogue (titledComposition in Red, Blue& Yellow)Paris, Orangerie des Tuileries,Mondrian, 1969, no. 88, p. 129, illustrated(titled Composition avec rouge, jaune et bleu)New York, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum,Piet Mondrian 1872-1944. Centennial Exhibition, 1971, no. 108, p. 190, illustrated in color (titledComposition with Red, Blue and Yellow)New York, Sidney Janis Gallery,Mondrian: An Exhibition of Paintings & Drawings 1900-1944, 1980, no. 16, n.p., illustrated (titledComposition in Red, Blue and Yellow)The Hague, Haags Gemeentemuseum; Washington, D.C., National Gallery of Art; New York, The Museum of Modern Art,Piet Mondrian, 1994-95, no. 125, p. 241, illustrated in color (titledComposition II; Composition I; Composition en Rouge, Bleu et Jaune (Composition in Red, Blue, and Yellow)) (exhibited in Washington D.C. only)Tate Liverpool,Mondrian and His Studios, Colour in Space, 2014, no. 11, p. 27, illustrated in color (titledComposition No. II / Composition I / Composition en Rouge, Bleu et Jaune)London, Tate Modern (on loan April 2015-May 2016)


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Otto Carlsund, Paris and Stockholm (on loan from the artist 1930-35); The artist (until at least 1937); Private Collection, Paris (acquired after 1937 and untilcirca1949); Csar Domela, Paris (acquiredcirca1949); Sidney Janis Gallery, New York (acquired in 1950); Mr. and Mrs. Armand P. Bartos, New York (acquired in 1950); Christies, London, 27 June 1983, lot 8 (consigned by the above); Fukuoka City Bank, Fukuoka (acquired at the above sale and until at least 1995); Acquavella Galleries, New York; Acquired from the above in 2004 by the present owner



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