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Li Chen

( Taiwanese, 1963 )

Riding The Wind




Bronze Sculpture


21.65 in. (55.00 cm.) (height) by 29.92 in. (76.00 cm.) (width)


Signed in Chinese and pinyin; dated; numbered on the backside


LITERATURE (different size and edition)2008, In Search of Spiritual Space: Li Chen Solo Exhibition at the National Art Museum of China, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, 2008, p.1812012, Greatness of Spirit: Li Chen Premier Sculpture Exhibition in Taiwan, Asia Art Center, Taipei, p. 161


Edition: 7/8PROVENANCEAsiaArt Center, TaipeiPrivate Collection, AsiaThis work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by Taipei AsiaArt Center with signature from the artist Limitless, to InfinityAs one of the most influential modern sculptures, Li Chen’s works have both the thickness of oriental philosophy and the soul pumping of an image sculpture. Benefiting from the experience of visiting museums and looking at religious remains for a long time, Li Chen has accumulated a solid Buddhist foundation and historic knowledge, which makes his early work piece have a feeling of “Zen” from the Buddhist classic. After 1999, he made a drastic change to his works through the accumulation of years of experience and culture, giving his sculptures a chubby figure of the Dynasty Tang and simplifying the facial features and body structure. His works have been shown in places like London, Paris, New York and Singapore since 2000, making him one of the top 10 valuable artists.Leaping over the Cloud, Integrating Material with the SpiritCultivated by Mist and Cloud (Lot 754) was made in 2000. Li Chen broke the traditional limits and achieves his transformation in art for the first time. It not only shows the soul of the sculpture and how he is being loyal to himself, but also implied the signs of comprehensive development in his later works. It shows the image of a chubby meditating figure holding a cloud in his hands; an all-black body represents the wisdom of how to get along in this world; the arm stretching to the other side is as wide as the sky; standing on one leg on the cloud gives it a sense of lightness ”leaping over the cloud”. The silver fog cloud in his hand keeps the balance of all, making the work a perfect idol which combines material life with spirit energy.Under Bright Moon, Rides on the WindAnother work made in 2007, Riding the Wind (Lot 753), shows the scene of “Riding the Wind and forgetting to stop”. The sculpted figure seems to be riding the wind with his chubby body and semi-closed eyes; its peaceful facial expression is beyond description, returning to purity. The silver figure looks like it’s absorbing the moonlight; wandering over the world and discarding all disturbance of human life like an immortal; its gigantic body above and the little dark clouded mountain create visual contrast; with the new method of making light and heavy materials overlap, it shows a kind of surrealistic energy.Li Chen makes the whole world the background of his work by borrowing the wisdom of “Blank”, building up a silent yet infinite world.



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