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Venice, the Grand Canal looking East with Santa Maria della Salute by 


( Italian, 1697 - 1768 )

Venice, the Grand Canal looking East with Santa Maria della Salute




oil on canvas

Size Notes:

133.4 x 165.4 cm.




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Commissioned from the artist by William Holbech (c. 1699-1771) and installed in the dining room at Farnborough Hall, Warwickshire, and by descent to his nephew.William Holbech, M.P. (d. 1812), and by descent to his son.William Holbech (1774-1856), and by descent to his son, Ven. Charles William Holbech (1816-1901), honorary Canon of Worcester and Archdeacon of Coventry, and by descent to his grandson,William Hugh Holbech (1882-1914), and by descent to his brother,Ronald Herbert Acland Holbech (1887-1956), and by whom sold to the following,with Savile Gallery, London. with Toms Harris, London, by 1932. with Arthur Tooth & Sons, London, by 1939. with Thomas Agnew & Sons, London, by 1979. with Dino Fabbri, New York, 1987. with Harari & Johns, Ltd., until January 1987,Acquired by Ann and Gordon Getty from the above.



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